"My inspiration comes from the punk environment, the color black,
the American sports culture (NHL, MLB, NFL), the stadium and the fans, and the music that rhythms my days."

Raf Fonzo,
creator and designer of the



Born from the interweaving of different aesthetic suggestions, the creations designed by Raf Fonzo, a young Swiss designer already established in the underground music trend circles of Zurich and London.

A grafting of Antwerp School and American Pop Culture, in which one color, black, dominates, and a musical narrative that ranges from the Berlin punk of the 1980s, to the most experimental country and dark, to the more recent Rap and Trap scenes.

During MFW 2022 WHITEPAGE will present a capsule collection of 12 outfits, 7 women's and 5 men's.

The lines are bold, minimalist and essential as Northern European design dictates, but the horizon is a mosaic of youthful countercultures that mixes past and present, hybridizes icons of yesterday with scenarios of today, never stated but hinted at to merge into a MODERN PUNK identity that moves between Germany and the UK, America and Scandinavia.

The geometries and shapes are reminiscent of Hockey players' armor and the corsets come from American Football fields, as do the seams. In the garments, layering of contrasting fabrics and juxtapositions of denim with jersey, recycled nylon and transparent organza in women's dresses create unique and distinctive mixes.

The WHITEPAGE woman does not want to seduce, she wants to intrigue. The lines of the garments intertwine with her attitude, and therefore
she defines her own personal sense of femininity.

The capsule ranges from cropped and tank tops, to bustiers that are laced with denim muted skirts and shorts taken from the world of American field hockey while organza ruffles and capes add a decidedly feminine touch.

The WHITEPAGE man is confident, free, has a strong identity, does not conform and therefore is not afraid to dare and break gender conventions and mixes multiple genres from modern to cyberpunk, where bomber jackets are genderless and long coats are reminiscent of the futuristic heroes of the Matrix.

The capsule besides black features few neutral colors such as white, greige (gray-beige), gray, both dark and light, and brown.

The garments are Made in Helvetia Patria, that is, made totally in Switzerland in a sartorial manner in his small atelier in Biel.

Fabrics are made of cotton and denim, recycled materials such as nylon and polyester, and finally organza. A great deal of attention is paid to the production chain and environmental impact.

The customer is of central importance: the dresses, skirts, pants, and tops are made following his or her possible directions, and the garment is produced only after it has been commissioned with his/her involvement of the customer in the various stages of the making of.

"When I create my garments I always imagine the men and women who will wear them and I want them to feel comfortable choosing them:
they are very transversal and genderless, combinable in fluid combinations where shorts sometimes look like skirts and long polos, dresses.

Always winking at the punk culture that I feel is mine and the Made in USA sport that is my real passion," declares the designer.

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